10.12.12 Tom + Debbie

A lovely backyard wedding for family and close friends, Tom and Debbie shared their vows and celebrated with their loved ones on a perfect fall afternoon.  Nestled amid the beautiful gardens, I accented the gazebos with twisting vines, sunflowers. roses, Gerbera daises, and lilies. I also added a vintage chandelier and crystals to bring an extra touch of elegance to the space.

The flowers we chose for Debbie's bouquet were a reflection of her sweet personality and the fall season; sunflowers, blue Scabiosa blooms, Billy Buttons, coxcomb and green Cymbidium orchids were the unique touches the bouquet needed, while the roses and hydrangeas unified the bouquet to the rest of the garden decor.

In addition, the center of the yard featured a beautiful swimming pool, which I chose to highlight with a unique floating arrangement.  (I'll have to admit that the water was a bit too cold for me to climb in and anchor the arrangement so my wonderful husband volunteered to take the dive.)  Cocktail tables set up for guests around the pool area were decorated with Cymbidium orchid arrangements and a few of my birch wrapped votive candles to tie with the garden scenery. With just the right amount of garden magic, this wedding celebration was absolute perfection.